creative collaboration.

At dlh, collaboration is part of our DNA.

As creatives and business professionals, we love teaming up for the good of our clients and for our collaborative partners. 

If you are reading this and would like to team up with us, you are at the right place!


our ways of collaborating.



Design beyond borders.

We believe in working collaboratively across cultures and continents. Our competitive edge lies in executing luxury custom built interiors in low-resource areas, emphasising our love for flexibility and dynamism.

We are your team on the ground. We are geared to travel and project manage projects around the globe.

At dlh we love finding new ways to challenge ourselves creatively. Managing remote and sometimes isolated sites – testing our critical and creative thinking, problem solving and finding the most practical solutions. 

Growing up on the African continent – there is something beautifully authentic about the way design is approached and executed. There is a sincerity and compassion that manifests while working closely with local craftsmen and making the best use of sustainable and local materials.

We believe that merging the right designer profiles with local professionals, craftsmanship and locally sourced materials is a winning combination in delivering successful projects.


dlh creative network

Builders, architects, realtors, product designers, manufacturers and vendors – look here!

To offer our clients the best possible experience, we at dlh thrive for creating a vibrant creative culture full of ideas, attitudes, opinions and experience. Our team is always looking for those talented, daring, adventurous individuals with something to say and something to offer to join our team.

If you’re an artisan or a company with something you think we’ll love and you want to see about forming a collaboration, please reach out to us.

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